Our Core Team

Jack Shauh

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jack received Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC San Diego. Jack has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, mobile security system development and communication system design. Jack has worked for data networks startup Integrated Networks Corp., computer & ATM manufacturer NCR, and telecom leader Qualcomm. Jack has filed over 50 patents.

Andrew Banh

Co-Founder and Engineering Director

Andrew is leading our software development efforts. Andrew received BSEE from IIT. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in embedded software development, mobile application development and distributed systems development. Andrew has worked for leading technology firms Motorola, Qualcomm, Boeing, and Raytheon.


Pete Donat

Pete has substantial leadership experience in payments and data industry skilled at fostering innovation, implementing partnerships, developing strategies, and executing transactions that generate material financial improvement. Pete has played senior executive roles for leading financial institutions such as Visa, MasterCard, First Data. He also served as Executive in Residence for the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, U.S.

Elizabeth Hoople

A seasoned marketing and payments executive who has delivered top and bottom line growth rates that have led the credit card industry in the U.S. Elizabeth has had many leadership roles in major U.S. financial institutions including Citibank, Providian Financial, Wells Fargo bank. She is serving as an Independent Director for MetaBank.

Chris Simojima

A seasoned CEO with a consistent track record of revenue and profit growth in competitive and dynamic industries that operate across multiple channels. He has over 15 years of operating experience leading digital transformations at iconic (Nike), mass market (Sears/Kmart), startup (kozmo.com) and multi-brand portfolio (Provide Commerce) enterprises.

Gisele Gonzalez

Gisele has extensive experience in risk assessment and data analysis for banking industry. She has held various leadership roles in HSBC, such as Americas Head of Data & Decision Systems, Americans Head of Retail Credit Services & Decision System, Global Head for Decision Center of Excellence.

Steve Wu

Head of Asian Market Development Group

A technologist, innovator and investor with 32 years of experience in novel medical technology. He has a solid track record of moving innovative technologies from concept to commercialization. Mr. Wu has held various R&D, engineering and management positions in startups including Accelerated Medical Ventures, Shockwave Medical and leading medical device firms such as JNJ, Medtronic and Boston Scientific. He has filed 25 patents. He has invested in various startups including Meditrina, VRAY, Metaboscopy, ShockWave Medical, Acclarent (sold to JNJ in 2010), Polymerex Medical, InterVentional Technologies (acquired by Boston Scientific in 2004), TDAK Medical and Biocept Inc. (IPO 2014).

Calvin Wey

Advisor of Asian market Development Group

A software security expert, an investor and technologist. Calvin had worked on security software in Silicon Valley in early 80’s for 7 years. He Joined an investment firm to serve retail and institution clients for 5 years. In 1990’s, he founded 2 high tech companies and 1 marketing company. Since early 2000, he has served in the advisory board for many high tech companies in Silicon Valley, Taiwan, and China. He is a private investor now.

Joe Tai, Ph.D.

Advisor of Asian market Development Group

Dr. Joe Tai is an attorney-at-law, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. Dr. Tai’s legal practice has a focus on intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Dr. Tai has been named as a Super Lawyer Rising Star from 2012-2018. Dr. Tai is named the Distinguished Alumni of Fu-Jen Catholic University (Taiwan). Dr. Tai has served as Advisors and Officers of corporate strategy at various tech companies, especially in the fields of bio-tech, agricultural tech, environmental tech, pharmaceutical and electronics (e.g., IoT, home securities, and LED).

Dr. Tai has successfully invented, patented, manufactured, and commercialized innovative products that are sold in national retail stores. Dr. Tai was awarded 2011 and 2014 Invention Gold Medals at INPEX. Dr. Tai and his inventions are frequently featured on various media, including newspaper articles, radio shows, business magazines, and TV shows, including TV shows on Food Network and DIY network.



July 2017: VRAY Inc. was founded

May 2018: Performed live demo at Finovate Conference

July 2018: Accepted to Plug and Play (PNP) Fintech program

October 2018: PNP ranked VRAY Inc. as top 25 Fintech startup companies in the U.S.