About Us
​​We were inspired by the simple idea that online shopping should be a simple and secure experience. As avid everyday consumers, we should be rewarded with an enjoyable shopping experience, void of worry that our credit card and personal information might someday fall into the wrong hands.    
The team at VRAY is working diligently on our first product to transform the current landscape for online retailers and consumers alike. With the introduction of white-labeled VRAY technology, consumers will be able to enjoy a simple and secure online shopping experience on any devices, without giving out card number to anyone. While consumers enjoy the perks of simple and secure online shopping, retailers will also benefit from revenue increases, reductions in data breaches and chargebacks.    

Our Core Team

Elan Mevasse
Chief Executive Officer
A fintech innovator with expertise in designing process and practices to innovate within large organizations. Moreover, Elan is a product professional in the banking and financial services industry (Wells Fargo bank, Intuit, City National bank, Kinecta Federal Credit Union) with over 15 years of experience managing traditional and digital products; ranging from debit and credit cards in the consumer and small business space, prepaid debit card, gift cards, lines of credit, gift cards and ATM. Mr. Mevasse has managed digital wallet products including Apple Pay. He implemented programs in the retail banking, digital, phone and direct mail channels. 

Steve Wu
Head of AsianMarket Development Group
A technologist, innovator and investor with 32 years of experience in novel medical technology. He has a solid track record of moving innovative technologies from concept to commercialization. Mr. Wu has held various R&D, engineering and management positions in startups including Accelerated Medical Ventures, Shockwave Medical and leading medical device firms such as JNJ, Medtronic and Boston Scientific. He has filed 25 patents.
​He has invested in various startups including Meditrina, VRAY, Metaboscopy, ShockWave Medical, Acclarent (sold to JNJ in 2010), Polymerex Medical, InterVentional Technologies (acquired by Boston Scientific in 2004), TDAK Medical and Biocept Inc. (IPO 2014).


Jack Shauh
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Jack received Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC San Diego. Jack has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, mobile security system development and communication system design. Jack has worked for data networks startup Integrated Networks Corp., computer & ATM manufacturer NCR, and telecom leader Qualcomm. Jack has filed over 50 patents.

Calvin Wey
Advisor of Asian market Development Group
A software security expert, an investor and technologist. Calvin had worked on security software in Silicon Valley in early 80's for 7 years. He Joined an investment firm to serve retail and institution clients for 5 years. In 1990's, he founded 2 high tech companies and 1 marketing company. Since early 2000, he has advised many high tech companies in Silicon Valley, Taiwan, and China. He is a private investor now.

Andrew Banh
Co-Founder and Engineeing Director
Andrew is leading our software development efforts.  Andrew received BSEE from IIT. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in embedded software development, mobile application development and distributed systems development. Andrew has worked for leading technology firms Motorola, Qualcomm, Boeing, and Raytheon.